Indian Bowlers With Most 5-Wicket Hauls In India

Most 5-Wicket Hauls In India

Indian bowlers are one of a kind. Batsmen who didn’t have a bowling competition are troubled with Indian bowlers. In Test cricket, Indian bowlers have a good record of taking wickets. Some of them even have five-wicket hauls.

Legendary players like Anil Kumble have taken five wickets in one innings a few times. Spinners are more dangerous on home soil compared to pacers.

Bowler Name 5-Wicket Hauls
Kapil Dev 11
Ravindra Jadeja 11
Harbhajan Singh 20
Anil Kumble 26
Ravichandran Ashwin 26

The list for most 5-wicket Hauls is dominated by spinners.

5. Kapil Dev-11

Kapil Dev has successfully taken 11 five-wicket hauls in ODI and Test Matches. He has taken 319 wickets in 150 games on home ground. It’s interesting to point out that Kapil Dev is the only seamer in this list. His best bowling record is 9 wickets for 83 runs in a test match.

4. Ravindra Jadeja-11

Ravindra Jadeja is the Indian all-rounder with 11 five-wicket hauls just like Kapil Dev. He has taken 319 wickets in 139 matches on home soil. Jadeja’s best performance is 7 wickets for 42 runs in an innings.

3. Harbhajan Singh-20

This list would have been incomplete without the former off-spinner of India, Harbhajan Singh. He has 20 five-wicket hauls in International Matches and he has taken 376 wickets in 152 innings. His best bowling spell is 8 wickets for 84 runs in a Test Match.

2. Anil Kumble-26

Anil Kumble is a hall-of-fame spinner on this list and has taken 26 five-wicket hauls in his lifetime. He took 476 wickets across 153 games at home. His best performance is taking 10 wickets in one match.

1. Ravichandran Ashwin-26

Ravichandran Ashwin tops this list with 26 five-wicket hauls in his career across three formats. Ashwin has done this in 121 matches. Ashwin has taken 429 wickets on home soil but it is speculated that he will break Kumble’s record. Ashwin is currently, the most important bowler for Test Cricket.

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