Virat Kohli Test
Records & Stats 19-09-2023

Virat Kohli Test Runs

Virat Kohli, the modern-day batting maestro and former captain of Indian cricket team, has engraved his name in cricketing history with remarkable performances across formats. Here we will delve into Virat Kohli Test runs and trace his journey of excellence in the longest format of game. Early Days and Test Debut: Born on November 5, […]

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Most ODI Centuries
Records & Stats 07-09-2023

Top 10 Batsmen with Most ODI Centuries

Cricket is a sport where batting skills often defines the greatness of a player. One of the most significant achievements for a batsman in One Day International (ODI) cricket is scoring centuries – reaching that coveted triple-digit mark. Let’s take a look at top 10 batsmen who have scored most ODI centuries. 1. Sachin Tendulkar […]

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Highest Team Scores in ODI
Records & Stats 01-09-2023

Top 10 Highest Team Scores in ODI Cricket

List of 10 Highest Team Scores in ODI Cricket History One-Day International (ODI) cricket has witnessed some extraordinary displays of batting skills throughout its history. From breath-taking stroke play to relentless accumulation of runs, teams have engraved their names into the record books by posting monumental totals. Here we will delve into the top ten […]

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asia cup
News 28-08-2023

All You Need To Know About The Asia Cup 2023.

The Asia Cup holds immense importance in the world of international cricket. It not only serves as a platform for teams to test their skills against some of the best in the continent but also provides an opportunity for players to display their talent on a grand stage. The tournament brings together teams from various […]

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Wanindu Hasaranga
News 25-08-2023

Captain of the Crease: Wanindu Hasaranga Shatters Records in Lanka Premier League 2023

In the heart of Sri Lanka’s cricketing fervor, a player has emerged as a true legend in the making. Wanindu Hasranga, a cricketing dynamo, has left an indelible mark on the Lanka Premier League (LPL), leaving his name in the golden book of cricket history with a series of astonishing records. Leading the B-Love Kandy […]

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nepal cricket team
News 23-08-2023

Rising From The Shadows: The Nepal Struggle

In the world of cricket, where the big teams usually steal the show, there’s a new and exciting story happening. Imagine a team that’s not famous yet, but they’re about to make a huge entry in a really important tournament called the Asia Cup. Yes, we are talking about the Nepal Cricket team. The team […]

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Virat Kohli Records
Records & Stats 23-08-2023

Virat Kohli T20 Runs

Virat Kohli, the Indian cricket superstar has established himself as one of most prolific run-scorers in history of T20 cricket. With exceptional batting skills, consistency and unwavering determination, he has set numerous records and achieved remarkable milestones. Here we will explore Virat Kohli T20 runs along with highest individual score. Unparalleled Consistency: In the dynamic […]

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Virat Kohli Records
Records & Stats 19-08-2023

Virat Kohli Runs in ODI

Virat Kohli, the renowned Indian cricketer has established himself as one of greatest batsmen of this generation. His exceptional batting skills and consistent performance have earned him numerous accolades over years. Here we will delve into remarkable Virat Kohli runs in ODI and explore Kohli’s highest score achieved in this format. List of Virat Kohli […]

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asia cup
News 16-08-2023

All Team Squads for Asia Cup 2023

As you all know, the Asia Cup schedule has arrived. The following is a list of all team squads for the Asia Cup 2023. Group A Team Squads for Asia Cup 2023 Group B Team Squads for Asia Cup 2023

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Fastest Century
Records & Stats 11-08-2023

Top 10 Batsmen with Fastest Century in ODI History

In the world of cricket, few moments captivate fans more than a batsman’s century. Scoring 100 runs in ODIs is considered a remarkable achievement but some players have taken this feat to extraordinary level by reaching three figures at unprecedented speed. Here we will delve into the thrilling history of the fastest century in ODI […]

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