Top 10 Batsmen with Fastest Century in ODI History

Fastest Century

In the world of cricket, few moments captivate fans more than a batsman’s century. Scoring 100 runs in ODIs is considered a remarkable achievement but some players have taken this feat to extraordinary level by reaching three figures at unprecedented speed. Here we will delve into the thrilling history of the fastest century in ODI cricket ever recorded.

List of Top 10 Batsmen with Fastest Hundred in ODI Cricket

AB de Villiers is leading the list of fastest century in ODI cricket history. He scored hundred in just 31 ball against the West indies team in 2015.

No. Player Balls Against Score
1 AB de Villiers (SA) 31 WI 149
2 Corey Anderson (NZ) 36 WI 131*
3 Shahid Afridi (PAK) 37 SL 102
4 Mark Boucher (SA) 44 ZIM 147*
5 Brain Lara (WI) 45 BAN 117
6 Shahid Afridi (PAK) 45 IND 102
7 Jos Buttler (ENG) 46 PAK 116*
8 Jesse Ryder (NZ) 46 WI 104
9 Jos Buttler (ENG) 47 NET 162*
10 Sanath Jayasuriya (SL) 48 PAK 134

1. Vivian Richards – Lightning Strikes at Antigua:

Vivian Richards, known for his aggressive batting style and sheer dominance on the field, set an incredible benchmark back on March 7, 1986. Playing against England in St. John’s, Antigua, Richards smashed a record-breaking century off just 56 balls. His breath-taking knock included seven fours and seven sixes as he left spectators awestruck with his raw power and precision.

2. Corey Anderson – A Kiwi Sensation:

On January 1st, 2014, New Zealand’s Corey Anderson etched his name into cricketing folklore during a match against West Indies in Queenstown. At just 23 years old, Anderson showcased immense talent and maturity as he reached triple digits off only 36 deliveries—an astonishing display of clean hitting that included six boundaries and an astounding fourteen towering sixes.

3. AB de Villiers – Superhuman Brilliance:

AB de Villiers’ mastery over various aspects of cricket was epitomized by his blistering hundred off only 31 balls against West Indies on January 18th, 2015, a record yet to be surpassed or even equalled till date. Displaying sublime stroke play combined with audacious innovation throughout his innings filled with twelve fours and eight colossal sixes. de Villiers showcased superhuman brilliance that enthralled viewers worldwide.

4. Chris Gayle – The Universe Boss:

Known for explosive batting prowess, Chris Gayle’s undying love affair with power-hitting resulted in fastest century in World Cup history. During 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup, Gayle achieved this feat against Zimbabwe reaching three figures off mere 55 balls. His knock included ten fours and an astonishing sixteen towering sixes, an exhibition of raw strength coupled with immense timing.

The fastest hundred in ODI cricket have provided fans with moments of sheer exhilaration as batsmen pushed boundaries and redefined what was considered possible on the field. Vivian Richards’ lightning-fast innings set a benchmark that stood for decades until Corey Anderson, AB de Villiers, and Chris Gayle showcased their extraordinary talent by shattering records one after another.

These outstanding players showed not just skill but the flexibility to adapt to various match circumstances while retaining an aggressive attitude. And also serve as a reminder of the breath-taking beauty that can emerge on a cricket pitch in only a few hours.

As we continue to witness new records being broken and milestones achieved, it is certain that future generation will seek to leave mark on this remarkable sport. And such by attempting to surpass these incredible feats, a testament to the everlasting allure of cricket’s fastest centuries in ODI matches.

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