Top 10 Batsmen with Most ODI Centuries

Most ODI Centuries

Cricket is a sport where batting skills often defines the greatness of a player. One of the most significant achievements for a batsman in One Day International (ODI) cricket is scoring centuries – reaching that coveted triple-digit mark.

Let’s take a look at top 10 batsmen who have scored most ODI centuries.

1. Sachin Tendulkar (India)

The “Master Blaster” Sachin Tendulkar holds the record for the most hundreds in ODI cricket, with an incredible 49 hundreds to his name. He achieved this remarkable feat during his illustrious career spanning from 1989 to 2012, playing in 463 matches and amassing these centuries over 452 innings. His highest century in ODI is 200* against South Africa in 2010.

2. Virat Kohli (India)

Virat Kohli, known as the “Run Machine,” stands second on this list with an impressive tally of 46 centuries in just 268 matches (259 innings) between 2008 and present*. His consistent performances and exceptional stroke play have solidified reputation as one of India’s greatest batsmen.

3. Ricky Ponting (Australia)

Former Australian captain Ricky Ponting occupies third place on this prestigious list, having scored an admirable total of 30 ODI centuries during his career from 1995 to 2012. He showcased immense skill and dominance at the top order throughout his tenure.

4. Rohit Sharma (India)

Rohit Sharma, popularly known as “Hitman,” secures fourth position with 29 ODI centuries under his belt. His aggressive yet elegant style has made him one of India’s leading opening batsmen since making his debut in 2007 and continuing into 2023*.

5. Sanath Jayasuriya (Sri Lanka)

Sanath Jayasuriya, former Sri Lankan captain and dangerous left-handed opener, easily claims fifth place on this list with 28 centuries. He played in 445 matches (433 innings) and left a lasting impact on the cricketing world during career spanning from 1989 to 2011.

6. Hashim Amla (South Africa)

Hashim Amla, one of South Africa’s finest right-handed opening batsmen, secures sixth position with 27 ODI centuries. His elegant stroke play and ability to anchor an innings made him a valuable asset for the Proteas between 2008 and 2019.

7. AB de Villiers (South Africa)

AB de Villiers, widely regarded as one of the most innovative and talented batsmen in cricket history, holds seventh place with 25 ODI centuries. Known for his 360-degree shot-making ability, he entertained fans globally throughout career from 2005 to 2018.

8. Chris Gayle (West Indies)

Chris Gayle, famously known as the “Universal Boss,” occupies eighth position alongside AB de Villiers with 25 ODI centuries. Gayle’s explosive power-hitting and entertaining style have made him a fan favourite since making his debut in 1999 until hanging up his boots in 2019*.

9. Kumar Sangakkara (Sri Lanka)

Kumar Sangakkara, Sri Lankan veteran wicket-keeper-batsman, is placed ninth on this list with 25 ODI centuries. During his career from 2000 to 2015, Sangakkara showcased exceptional batting skills combined with astute leadership qualities.

10. Sourav Ganguly (India)

Former Indian captain Sourav Ganguly rounds off the top ten list with 22 ODI centuries. His aggressive batting style at the top order was instrumental in India’s success during his tenure from 1992 to 2007.

These ten remarkable cricketers have left permanent mark on ODI cricket through their consistency, determination and immense talent. They have provided fans with countless memorable innings and will be remembered as some of finest batsmen to have graced the game.

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