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Virat Kohli Records

Virat Kohli, the renowned Indian cricketer has established himself as one of greatest batsmen of this generation. His exceptional batting skills and consistent performance have earned him numerous accolades over years. Here we will delve into remarkable Virat Kohli runs in ODI and explore Kohli’s highest score achieved in this format.

List of Virat Kohli Runs in ODI

Virat Kohli: A Run Machine

Since making debut for India in 2008, Virat Kohli has consistently showcased a phenomenal ability to accumulate runs across all formats of cricket. In ODIs specifically, he has proven to be a run machine with an extraordinary record.

Consistent Scoring Throughout Career

Kohli’s consistency is evident from impressive career statistics. As of 2023, he has amassed more than 13,016 runs (47 centuries, 65 half-centuries) in 285 ODIs at an average exceeding 53.67. This places him among top run-scorers in ODI history.

Fastest to Reach Milestones

One notable aspect of Virat Kohli’s ODI journey is how quickly he reached significant milestones throughout career. He became the fastest player to reach 8,000, 9,000, 10,000 runs, 11,000 runs, 12,000 runs, 13,000 runs and beyond – achieving these feats quicker than any other player before him.

Unforgettable Innings: The Record-Breaking Knock

Amongst all his memorable innings stands out one particular match where he displayed astonishing performance that left cricket fans in awe was his 133* against Sri Lanka in Hobart in 2012. India was in trouble after losing Sachin and Sehwag early on. Together with Gautam Gambir, Kohli formed a partnership and as he hit 50, he began to score runs quickly. One of the game’s high points was when he destroyed Lasith Malinga.

Highest Score: An Unforgettable Performance

Virat Kohli’s highest score in ODI is an impressive 183 runs, achieved during a match against Pakistan on 18th March, 2012. In this innings, he showcased exceptional batting skills, demonstrating remarkable control and shot selection.

Chasing Masterclass

One aspect that sets Kohli apart from others is his ability to chase down targets with remarkable consistency. He has often led successful run chases for Team India, displaying nerves of steel and an unwavering determination to guide his team to victory. His 183 against Pakistan in Asia cup(ODI) is one most famous run chase century. His batting average in run chase in all formats is 64 that is highest in World Cricket. No other batsmen stand even close to this batting average in a chase run.

Virat Kohli’s extraordinary performances have set new standards for batsman ship in ODI cricket. He continues to be force to reckon with in international cricket with numerous records under belt and a remarkable highest score. Virat Kohli’s runs in ODI cricket exemplify his outstanding talent and relentless pursuit of excellence on the field.

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