List of Virat Kohli Centuries: T20, ODI, Test & IPL Cricket

Virat Kohli Records

Virat Kohli, the Indian cricket sensation has left permanent mark on sport with extraordinary batting prowess. Known for his masterful stroke play and unwavering consistency, Kohli has amassed centuries across various formats of the game – ODIs, Test matches, T20Is, and even in the high-octane IPL. Here we will delve into remarkable Virat Kohli centuries record in each format and explores his impact on modern-day cricket..

List of Virat Kohli Centuries in ODI

In ODIs, Kohli’s ability to chase down formidable totals under pressure has become legendary. With a staggering 47 centuries to his name as of September 2023, he holds multiple records in this format. His fastest century came against Australia in 2013 when he reached three figures off just 52 balls.

No. Score Match Venue Date
1 107 India vs Sri Lanka Kolkata 24-Dec-09
2 102* India vs Bangladesh Dhaka 11-Jan-10
3 118 India vs Australia Visakhapatnam 20-Oct-10
4 105 India vs New Zealand Guwahati 28-Nov-10
5 100* India vs Bangladesh Dhaka 19-Feb-11
6 107 India vs England Cardiff 16-Sep-11
7 112* India vs England Delhi 17-Oct-11
8 117 India vs West Indies Visakhapatnam 02-Dec-11
9 133* India vs Sri Lanka Hobart 28-Feb-12
10 108 India vs Sri Lanka Dhaka 13-Mar-12
11 183 India vs Pakistan Dhaka 18-Mar-12
12 106 India vs Sri Lanka Hambantota 21-Jul-12
13 128* India vs Sri Lanka Colombo 31-Jul-12
14 102 India vs West Indies Port of Spain 05-Jul-13
15 115 India vs Zimbabwe Harare 24-Jul-13
16 100* India vs Australia Jaipur 16-Oct-13
17 115* India vs Australia Nagpur 30-Oct-13
18 123 India vs New Zealand Napier 19-Jan-14
19 136 India vs Bangladesh Fatullah 26-Feb-14
20 127 India vs West Indies Dharamshala 17-Oct-14
21 139* India vs Sri Lanka Ranchi 16-Nov-14
22 107 India vs Pakistan Adelaide 15-Feb-15
23 138 India vs South Africa Chennai 22-Oct-15
24 117 India vs Australia Melbourne 17-Jan-16
25 106 India vs Australia Canberra 20-Jan-16
26 154* India vs New Zealand Mohali 23-Oct-16
27 122 India vs England Pune 15-Jan-17
28 111* India vs West Indies Kingston 06-Jul-17
29 131 India vs Sri Lanka Colombo 31-Aug-17
30 110* India vs Sri Lanka Colombo 03-Sep-17
31 121 India vs New Zealand Mumbai 22-Oct-17
32 113 India vs New Zealand Kanpur 29-Oct-17
33 112 India vs South Africa Durban 01-Feb-18
34 160* India vs South Africa Cape Town 07-Feb-18
35 129* India vs South Africa Centurion 16-Feb-18
36 140 India vs West Indies Guwahati 21-Oct-18
37 157* India vs West Indies Visakhapatnam 24-Oct-18
38 107 India vs West Indies Pune 27-Oct-18
39 104 India vs Australia Adelaide 15-Jan-19
40 116 India vs Australia Nagpur 05-Mar-19
41 123 India vs Australia Ranchi 08-Mar-19
42 120 India vs West Indies Port of Spain 11-Aug-19
43 114* India vs West Indies Port of Spain 14-Aug-19
44 113 India vs Bangladesh Chattogram 10-Dec-22
45 113 India vs Sri Lanka Guwahati 10-Jan-23
46 166* India vs Sri Lanka Thiruvananthapuram 15-Jan-23
46 166* India vs Sri Lanka Thiruvananthapuram 15-Jan-23
47 122* India vs Pakistan Colombo 11-Sept-23

Virat Kohli Centuries in Test

Kohli’s insatiable hunger for runs extends to the longest format of the game as well. He has notched up an impressive tally of 29 centuries in Tests so far. Noteworthy among them is his maiden double hundred against West Indies at Antigua in 2016, where he exhibited exceptional patience and resilience.

No. Score Match Venue Date
1 116 India vs Australia Adelaide 24-Jan-12
2 103 India vs New Zealand Bangalore 31-Aug-12
3 103 India vs England Nagpur 13-Dec-12
4 107 India vs Australia Chennai 22-Feb-13
5 119 India vs South Africa Johannesburg 18-Dec-13
6 105* India vs New Zealand Wellington 14-Feb-14
7 115 India vs Australia Adelaide 09-Dec-14
8 141 India vs Australia Adelaide 09-Dec-14
9 169 India vs Australia Melbourne 26-Dec-14
10 147 India vs Australia Sydney 06-Jan-15
11 103 India vs Sri Lanka Galle 12-Aug-15
12 200 India vs West Indies North Sound 21-Jul-16
13 211 India vs New Zealand Indore 08-Oct-16
14 167 India vs England Visakhapatnam 17-Nov-16
15 235 India vs England Mumbai 08-Dec-16
16 204 India vs Bangladesh Hyderabad 09-Feb-17
17 103* India vs Sri Lanka Galle 26-Jul-17
18 104* India vs Sri Lanka Kolkata 16-Nov-17
19 213 India vs Sri Lanka Nagpur 24-Nov-17
20 243 India vs Sri Lanka Delhi 02-Dec-17
21 153 India vs South Africa Centurion 13-Jan-18
22 149 India vs England Birmingham 01-Aug-18
23 103 India vs England Nottingham 18-Aug-18
24 139 India vs West Indies Rajkot 04-Oct-18
25 123 India vs Australia Perth 14-Dec-18
26 254* India vs South Africa Pune 10-Oct-19
27 136 India vs Bangladesh Kolkata 22-Nov-19
28 186 India vs Australia Ahmedabad 12-Mar-23
29 121 India vs West Indies Port of Spain, Trinidad 21-Jul-23

Virat Kohli Centuries in T20 International

While T20Is demand quick scoring rates within limited overs, Kohli has demonstrated that adaptability can bring success even in this fast-paced format. Though he has recorded only one T20I century thus far i.e. 122 runs against Afghanistan during a thrilling run chase and it exemplified his ability to excel across all formats.

No. Score Match Venue Date
1 122* India vs Afghanistan Dubai 08-Sep-22

Virat Kohli Centuries in IPL T20

As captain of Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) since 2013, Kohli is renowned for leading from the front during IPL seasons. He boasts an impressive tally of seven centuries in tournament including extraordinary 113-run knock against Kings XI Punjab in 2016. This breath-taking innings showcased ability to dominate even most formidable bowling attacks.

No. Score Match Venue Date
1 101* RCB vs GT Bangalore 21-May-23
2 100 RCB vs SRH Hyderabad 18-May-23
3 100 RCB vs KKR Kolkata 19-Apr-19
4 113 RCB vs KXIP Bangalore 18-May-16
5 109 RCB vs GL Bangalore 14-May-16
6 108* RCB vs RPS Bangalore 07-May-16
7 100* RCB vs GT Rajkot 24-Apr-16

Virat Kohli’s century-scoring spree across different formats has elevated him to cricketing greatness and established as one of finest modern-day batsmen. His adaptability, mental fortitude and unparalleled skill set enable to consistently perform at highest level regardless of format or conditions.

Kohli’s incredible records speak volumes about relentless commitment to honing skills and surpassing expectations on international cricket arena. With each new century he achieves fans from every corner of globe eagerly await the chance to witness this masterful player engrave name even deeper into records of cricketing history.

With each century, Virat Kohli inspires aspiring cricketers and captivates audiences with his sublime stroke play. The mark he has made on all formats of game is undeniable solidifying his status as a true legend in contemporary cricket.

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