5 Rohit Sharma Unbreakable Records

Rohit Sharma

Rohit Sharma, popularly known as “Hitman” of Indian cricket, has established himself as extraordinary batsman with remarkable collection of records. His exceptional batting skills and ability to convert milestones into match-winning innings have made him one of most formidable limited-overs players in cricket history. Here, we will explore five Rohit Sharma unbreakable records that solidifies his status as one of greatest batsmen of his time.

Top 5 Rohit Sharma Unbreakable Records

1. Most Double Centuries in ODIs:

Rohit Sharma holds the incredible record for scoring the highest number of double centuries in ODIs. Surpassing Sachin Tendulkar’s previous record, he achieved this astonishing feat on three separate occasions. Noteworthy among them are his scores of 209 against Australia, 264 against Sri Lanka, and 208* against Sri Lanka – showcasing his consistent dominance and top-level performance. This record speaks volumes about Sharma’s skill in pacing his innings effectively and capitalizing on scoring opportunities.

2. Highest Individual Score in ODIs:

In 2014, Rohit Sharma had played outstanding knock of 264 runs against Sri Lanka and it is still standing as highest individual score ever recorded in ODIs. This phenomenal inning showcased his impeccable timing, technique, and power-hitting abilities. With numerous boundaries and sixes included in his innings, it left spectators and critics alike astonished by his batting prowess. Breaking barriers and surpassing expectations, this particular record highlights Sharma’s capability to single-handedly control games while delivering match-winning performances.

3. Most T20I Hundreds:

Rohit Sharma’s mastery extends to Twenty20 Internationals (T20Is) where he holds the record for scoring the most centuries – four to be precise – further emphasizing his versatility as a batsman across formats. His adaptability to excel consistently even within fast-paced T20 cricket demonstrates his elegant stroke play and impeccable timing.

4. Most Sixes in a Calendar Year:

Rohit Sharma’s insatiable appetite for big hits is exemplified by his record for hitting most sixes in one calendar year. In 2019, he smashed 65 sixes, surpassing the previous record set by West Indian legend Chris Gayle. With exceptional timing and immense power, Sharma has established himself as a trailblazer in modern-day power-hitting. This record reflects his ability to clear boundaries effortlessly and consistently, providing exhilarating entertainment to fans worldwide.

5. Second Indian Opener to Score a Test Double Century:

Rohit Sharma’s successful transition from being primarily associated with limited-overs cricket to becoming a Test opener has been monumental. During his debut series as an opener against South Africa in 2019, Sharma scored an outstanding double century – only the second Indian opener to achieve this feat. His ability to adapt his skills from white-ball cricket to the challenging red-ball format demonstrates both talent and dedication. This record showcases Sharma’s versatile batting style while highlighting his contributions to Test cricket.

Rohit Sharma unbreakable records not only demonstrate extraordinary talent but also underscore his influence on Indian cricket as a whole. From relentless pursuit of runs in ODIs to exemplary performances across T20Is and Tests, he has left permanent mark on the sport. His consistency, adaptability and dominance over bowlers make him unstoppable force on the field. As Rohit Sharma continues extending his remarkable career, these records will stand as testaments of his ability to rewrite cricket history books.

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